The Delaware County Bar Association welcomes all attorneys admitted and in good standing to practice law in the State of Ohio and who meet one or more of the following criteria: live in Delaware County; maintain a law office in Delaware County; regularly practice law in Delaware County; judge or magistrate of the courts located in Delaware County.

To become a member of DCBA, please complete and submit this application online and mail your payment for first year dues, payable to Delaware County Bar Association, to:

Jodelle N. Stranges

Stranges Law, LLC

608 Office Parkway, Suite A

Westerville, Ohio 43082

(614) 980-5233

Fax: (614) 295-7777


Full-year dues are $140 per calendar year. First-year dues are waived for attorneys who apply for membership within the first year of admission to the bar.

New Members are encouraged to join the Delaware County Bar Facebook Group page by using the link below.

Applications submitted: Pro-rated first year dues:
April-June $105
July-September $70
October-December $35